Sunday, January 25, 2015

Don't miss out on our latest video, Fruit Confusion Blues!!  You see, Wonder Worm is secretly scheming from his blueberry base on the moon.  He has a confusion beam, that for reasons unknown he wishes to use on his very own bandmates!!  And use it he does!!!! The band members magically return to their childhood and their time at the Fruit Academy, when they first learned the differences between fruits and vegetables.  Oh it was a confusing time for our young heroes!  Not only was fruit quite confusing, but so were the messages they recieved from teachers, parents, just about everyone and everything!  Ahhh, to be young.  But back to the story....  Our young heroes let their confused emotions get the best of them, and have quite a scuffle on the playground.  But in the end, they put their confusion aside and the confusion beam explodes on itself!  It's no simple sitcom folks, our heroes still have a long way to go until they make sense of things, but they are using their brains and eating their fruits and definitely on the right track.  Now as for Wonder Worm, it seems like his confusion beam backfired on him!  Leaving him the most truly confused of all........

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